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RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - StarZPriestessKandiRanson - 02-23-2020

Natalie Sist Talked Live With Author Speaker and Mentor Helen Jacobs

Feb. 5th 2020 @ 8PM on StarZ Psychics Network #Radio SHARE!

[Image: 2020-Guided-Gatherings.jpeg]
Helen Jacobs, author, speaker and mentor spent her whole life aware of non-physical beings and has moved through various stages of engagement with them. After trying to ignore them.
As a kid, Helen was buried in a book, always observing, learning and naturally curious about the world. She has completed 2 degrees - a Bachelor of Journalism and a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Public Relations. She now jokes she knew communications was important, but could never had predicted then just how spirit communication would change her entire life.
After a spirit visitation from her aunt in 2001, she started the journey to connect more fully with her inner and higher guidance. For the past decade, Helen has consciously connected with them, received and recorded their guidance, lived by it, and shared it far and wide. It's become her life's work.

Simultaneously beginning her healing journey after her intuition was ignited, and that came with the shocking confirmation that she could connect to the world of spirit. Leaving the safety of the corporate world, she set out to give psychic readings. The Universe stepped in. Almost over night, she was booked six months ahead.

Established The Little Sage and for the next few years, taught the basics of intuition and Intuitive Living there, alongside her private consults. And, as her own awareness expanded, so too has the message; now, culminating in the full soul’s journey shared here.
Helen's weekly podcast, The Guided Collective, gives you a taste of these messages. Her book, "You Already Know: How to Access Your Intuition and Find Your Divine Path" shares more of her story and the journey we go on as we begin following our guidance. She also has The Little Sage Oracle Cards and a suite of guided meditations.

Visit her website: [url=]

[Image: 81965214_10156952588897291_7728346122149...e=5F00F410]
Feb 12th 2020 when Natalie talks live with Leadership Coach Marcia Martin
Join the live chat and listen online
Dial to speak with the panel (347) 838-9736 or just mute your phone to listen from anywhere you are.

One of THE MOST PROLIFIC influencers on the who’s who of the most innovative minds in thought leadership in the last 40 years, Marcia Martin is CEO of Marcia Martin Productions, LLC, an executive training firm specializing in transformational leadership training and communication arts technology. She is renowned as one of the top transformational trainers and executive and life coaches worldwide in the arenas of championship performance, relationship coaching, communication mastery, and public speaking; and she has personally trained over 300,000 individuals and corporate executives around the globe to be more effective human beings.

Dame Marcia (knighted in 2008) has provided leadership training in Europe, South America, Africa, Canada, Mexico, Asia and the USA; her clients include Capital One, McCain Foods, Hard Rock International, Warner Bros., InterContinental Hotels, Danone, and Evian Water, among others.

Marcia was personally mentored by innovative academic thinkers Buckminster Fuller, Warren Bennis, and Werner Erhard in the art and technology of Leadership, Self-Transformation and Human Development; she was Vice President and a Founding Member of est (Erhard Seminars Training), now known as Landmark Forum where she was instrumental in taking the company from inception to a graduate base of millions within a ten-year period.

She has consulted, trained or coached some of the best-known thought leaders and authors of our time including Jack Canfield, Tony Robbins, Lynne Twist, T. Harv Ecker, Raymond Aaron, Doria (DC) Cordova, and Robert T. Kiosaki; and she was the Co-Creator of the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC) serving as Vice President, Managing Director, and Program/Production Manager from 2004 inception until 2012.

As a successful serial entrepreneur, Marcia was partners with artistically acclaimed designer Laurel Burch, and together they created Tsuru, Inc, a global fashion jewelry and manufacturing company taking it from inception, to $5 million in annual sales with offices in Hong Kong, Beijing, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York before Ms. Burch passed away.

Committed to creating global transformational impact, Marcia has now created the Marcia Martin Membership Club – a digital video and audio library collection of her past workshops, podcasts, seminars, speaking engagements, and keynotes designed to accelerate human growth, power and wealth.
For More Information:
Marcia Martin Productions, LLC


StarZ Psychics Network Radio Interactive Show went live 9-2020 at 8PM when Natalie Sist Talked Live With Chief Magical Officer Jennifer Noel Taylor

Our guest today is Jennifer Noel Taylor, some of you may remember she was with us this past July. She is an energy healing practitioner, self-help motivator, and the CEO of Quantum-Touch, Inc. She has dedicated her life work to helping people discover the healing power of their love and has always believed that the Universe is full of magic and miracles.

After graduating from Cal Poly (San Luis Obispo, California) with a bachelor of science degree in Computer Science and a minor in Philosophy, Jennifer started her first job as a software engineer at a large company in San Diego. Although her job paid the bills, it didn’t align with her true passion in life. To cope with the disillusion she felt with work, she studied bodywork and energy healing in her free time.

After attending the International Professional School of Bodywork, Esalen Institute in Big Sur, and the Maui Academy of Healing Arts, Jennifer received a very clear intuitive message that energy healing was her true calling in life. So, she took a leap of faith, left the software industry, and made the field of energy healing her new career. Since 2002, she has been the CEO (or “Chief Magical Officer,” as she likes to call it) of Quantum-Touch, Inc.
She has worked in the field of spirituality and energy medicine for the last several years, as the COO or “Chief Magical Officer” of Quantum-Touch, Inc – a company that teaches energy medicine workshops around the world.

As the Chief Magical Officer of Quantum-Touch, Jennifer continues to promote optimal wellness by helping people connect more deeply to their love. Her business practices include spiritually rewarding jobs, loving service to the world, environmental responsibility, and financial abundance. She grew Quantum-Touch from a regional U.S company to a multinational corporation.
“Imagine...If more people did what they love, how much more joyful the world would be.”

– Jennifer Noel Taylor
Like other spiritually based companies, the core principles of Quantum-Touch are rooted in the Law of Attraction – the concept that we create our reality Law of Attraction proponents suggest that our thoughts are primarily responsible for what we attract into our lives. If we think positive thoughts, meditate on what we want to create, and practice gratitude, we have the power to attract more money, romance, and better health.

Yet, anyone familiar with The Secret will tell you that the Law of Attraction can be quite an enigma. On one hand, the idea is incredibly empowering: If you can align yourself with your intended manifestation, the Universe will deliver. On the other hand, many people find this Law of Attraction to be frustrating as well because it seems like it doesn’t always work.

For example, many people in the spiritual communities have trouble harnessing its power to manifest money! Jennifer fields email after email from people who believe in the LOA yet they are struggling with money and barely scraping by. She has met many Life coaches and healing practitioners who are having trouble paying rent or attracting clients -- yet they have a daily gratitude practice and a positive mindset.

So, is the Law of Attraction just some sort of new-age mumble jumble?

In her newest book Spiritual and Broke, Jennifer takes a deep dive into how we can effectively use the Law of Attraction to create financial balance into our lives. Despite her belief in the LOA, Jennifer used to have $135,000 of debt and felt hopeless about her negative net worth. Everything turned around when she had an “Aha!” moment in the back of a police car; she realized why she wasn’t able to attract money and how to fix it. Fueled by her new awareness, she paid off all of her debt and saved up enough money for a down payment for a new home.

Drawing numerous examples from her own life, she explores:
·Why shifting our thoughts alone doesn’t always change what we are attracting
· How the Law of Attraction can actually dis-empower us, if not approached properly. I call this phenomenon “Waiting for God” and it can actually block us from having what we want
·Why budgets don’t work
·The difference between inspired action and busy work
·How our self-worth can affect our net worth
·How to naturally cut spending without feeling like we’re depriving ourselves of what we love.

Imagine… If more people did what they love, how much more joyful the world would be.

In her free time, Jennifer loves to volunteer for the Humane Society, and has fostered kittens.
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RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - FelixNieto - 02-25-2020

Que genial estos temas, me encanta mucho todo lo que tiene que ver con ello.

RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - StarZPriestessKandiRanson - 02-26-2020

[Image: 87784154_2642404552474278_22982107793142...e=5EECD3F5]
Join the Live Interactive StarZ Psychics Network Radio Show Feb. 26th, 2020 at 8PM (ET) when Natalie Sist Talks Live With Energy Worker And Teacher Lisa Erickson

Listen and Join the Live Text Chat
Call in to speak with the panel (347) 838-9736 or just mute your phone to listen from anywhere without your computer

Please click to indicate you are Going and Invite your friends. This is going to be a very informative show!

Lisa Erickson, energy worker, writer, teacher and mom to 3. Her primary modality is chakra-based energy work, although she is also a certified mindfulness meditation instructor, and a certified Feeding Your Demons facilitator. Her specialty is Women’s Energetics – women’s subtle anatomy, and practices and tools that women can employ to heal, empower, and awaken themselves. She specializes in life transits and sexual trauma healing. She is the author of Chakra Empowerment for Women: Self-Guided Techniques for Healing Trauma, Owning Your Power & Finding Overall Wellness released by Llewellyn in 12/2019.

Lisa draws on many different energy healing traditions in her work. She is a certified Feeding Your Demons facilitator through Lama Tsultrim Allione. Lisa is a member of the International Association of Meditation Instructors, the American Holistic Health Association, and the Energy Medicine Practitioners Association. Lisa is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College where she received a Liberal Arts B.A., with a focus in philosophy and comparative religion.

As part of her Women’s Energetics work, Lisa offers both regular classes and private phone sessions, meditations and tools women can use for support during crucial life transits. She is the creator of a popular DailyOM course Fall in Love With Your Feminine Power that offers an introduction to these practices.


Chakra Empowerment for Women: will help you reclaim your voice and personal power Released Dec. 2019

Women's Energetics: Healing the Subtle Body Wounds of Sexual Trauma And Abuse - Small PDF style e-book offers a self-guided energy healing program for women who are survivors of sexual trauma or abuse, Released Oct 2011

The Art & Science of Meditation: How to Deepen and Personalize Your Practice - Coming July 2020

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RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - StarZPriestessKandiRanson - 07-07-2020

Join us live on StarZ Psychics Network Radio Interactive Show July 8th, 2020 Natalie Sist talks live with Vibrational Energy-Debbie A. Anderson Clairvoyant. Show starts 8PM (ET).

Listen and Join Live Text Chat
Call (347) 838-9736 and press 1 to speak with the panel or Mute your phone to listen to the live show from anywhere without a computer.
Join us and learn about Debbie A. Anderson who was born in England whom has since migrated to the U.S.A. She is a natural healer who has worked in the magical sphere of spirituality all of her life, bringing forth many modalities that have manifested and evolved along the way. Debbie is a writer, healer, medium, mother, daughter, wife, grandmother, friend and ever evolving spiritual vibrational being.

As a Clairvoyant Medium her abilities have opened her to many mystical communications, including the creation of Vibrational Energy, which she defines as being “gifted” to her from spirit.
The Vibrational Healing Energy is a “hands on” healing technique which applies the gentlest touch of one vibration with another by way of communicating with the body, mind & soul, allowing the “self” to create an individual energy pattern to live and heal by. This led her to the creation of her many healing Products & Services.

Often we only see things as they appear to be on the surface, but there is much more to reality than meets the eye and we must look beneath the surface of events and experiences in order to see the inner-workings of their own mind at play.

Here are just some of the services that Debbie is well known for:
• Evenings of Clairvoyance
• Readings - In Person,Telephone or Skype
• Vibrational Energy Therapy Training
• Creator of Vibrational Energy Oracle &
Affirmation Decks
• Vibrational Sound & Meditation CDs
• Talks & Workshops

Visit her website here:
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RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - StarZPriestessKandiRanson - 08-03-2020

THE REPLAY IS HERE Listen online and join the live text chat


Joanne DiMaggio has been professionally pursuing past-life research and therapy for over 30 years. A professional writer of three books + hundreds of magazine articles for mainstream and esoteric audiences. 1987 she began devoting all of her time to her esoteric studies, specializing in past life exploration, research and therapy. She combined her passion for soul writing with her knowledge of reincarnation and today considered a respected expert in both fields.

Born + raised in Chicago Joanne has been actively involved with Edgar Cayce's Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) since 1987. In 1990, she became 1 of the founding members of the A.R.E. Heartland Region headquartered in Chicago. There she oversaw the region's public relations, newsletter, and special event programming. She has been the Coordinator for the A.R.E. Charlottesville, VA team since August 2008.

Earned A Masters in Transpersonal Studies degree, AKA Transpersonal Psychology, through Atlantic University. Her thesis on inspirational writing served as the basis of her first esoteric book. She also earned her Spiritual Mentor certification through Atlantic University, where she was named Outstanding Graduate of the year. She later formed A.U.'s Alumni Association, which she served as president for 2 years.

Joanne has given talks on the subject of past-life and life-between-lives exploration as well as soul writing across the country.

She is a graduate of the Eastern Institute of Hypnotherapy, completed additional training in hypnosis at the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL and studied under Dr. Irene Hickman, a pioneer in the field of non-directive hypnotherapy.

Using inspirational writing, she produced a small line of greeting cards called Spirit Song. What is Human is Immortal was chosen it as 1 of 6 worldwide finalists in the Sympathy category for its Annual LOUIE Awards.



Originally broadcasted live is Piotr Bienkowski. His disciplinary background is as an archaeologist and museum curator. His expertise comes from the days he was Professor of Archaeology and Museology at the University of Manchester, Director of Manchester Museum, Chair of the North West Federation of Museums and Galleries, and before that Head of Antiquities at National Museums Liverpool. For many years, he was editor of Levant, the journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant, and editor of the British Academy Monographs in Archaeology series.
He has published 15 books and around 50 peer-reviewed papers in academic journals and books, as well as around 80 other publications on archaeology, history, museum change, ethics and participation.
He was born in Wimbledon, London, to Polish parents who fought in the Warsaw Uprising.
1985-1992 he was editor of Levant.
Since 1989 Directed excavations in southern Jordan.
1999-2000 Annual Professor at the Albright Institute of Archaeological Research in Jerusalem
As well as the journal of the Council for British Research in the Levant, and editor of the British Academy Monographs in Archaeology series.
He now runs a cultural consultancy. He is a leading authority on the archaeology of Jordan and directs an excavation in Petra.
He now runs a cultural consultancy specializing in change management and community participation in the cultural sector, and directed Our Museum, the largest ever programmer of organizational change in museums (2011-18) working in the UK and Europe.
Book: Where Airy Voices Lead
The only book to comprehensively describe the varying historical and contemporary cultural beliefs in immortality globally.

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David Ditchfield, an artist, composer, near-death experiencer and author, who wants to use his NDE to make a positive difference in people’s lives.

David had a freak accident a few years back, in which he slipped down between a train and tracks and was dragged under the speeding train for quite some time. As the surgeons fought to save his life, he had a profound near-death experience and journeyed to, what he believes is the Afterlife. When he woke from this experience in hospital, he found he had acquired astonishing new abilities which, to this day, he still cannot explain.

The first gift was an enhanced ability to paint. After his NDE, David felt compelled to produce dramatic and rich images of the things he saw in the Afterlife, paintings so vivid and real it was as though he had taken a HD camera with him to visually capture what most NDE’rs can only describe using words.

Then, even more surprisingly, He started writing classical music, composing full-scale symphonies and rhapsodies. This new-found gift was all the more astonishing as David (a former punk/pop guitarist) has never received any training in classical music and never composed such music before his NDE. In fact, to this day, he cannot read or write a single note of musical notation. David’s debut symphony ‘The Divine Light’ expresses what he felt during his NDE. The symphony was premiered at a sell-out concert and received a standing ovation from the audience. Since then, he has been commissioned to compose further classical works which have also been premiered at sell-out performances and has completed more than thirty paintings and a number of commissioned artworks.

David’s NDE memoir, SHINE ON, was released this month and Dr Raymond Moody Jr, best-selling author of Life After Life, describes SHINE ON as: “One of the most gripping accounts of a near-death experience that I have read

Shine On: The Remarkable Story Of How I Fell Under A Speeding Train, Journeyed To The Afterlife, And The Astonishing Proof I Brought Back With Me: July 1, 2020 by David Ditchfield & J.S. Jones, PhD - What if the after effects of an NDE were undeniable?


Join host Natalie Sist live Aug. 5, 2020 With Author and Trauma Counselor Patti Ashley, Ph.D., LPC At 8PM (ET)

* Call in to speak with the panel (347) 838-9736 then press 1 OR mute your phone to listen to the show live on your phone without a computer anywhere you are.

Our guest Patti Ashley, Ph.D., LPC was born in Norfolk, Virginia. When she was eleven years old her father died of a sudden heart attack. It was a trauma that she could not comprehend at such a young age. However, she knew in high school that she wanted to help children and families talk about life’s grief and trauma. In the words of William Shakespeare: “Give sorrow words. The grief that does not speak whispers in the o’er fraught heart and bids it break.”

Patti is a Licensed Professional Counselor specializing in individual, couples and family therapy. She has created a unique process called Authenticity Architecture designed to help you reconstruct your authentic self and live your best life.

Thrive not merely survive!

Being a mother of four thirty-something children, and a grandmother to three beautiful little humans has taught her many things about relationships and our emotional self. Drs. Margaret and Jordan Paul sum it up:
“Children are our Divine Teachers. When we fail to see their light, it is our vision that needs clearing.”

With thirty-plus years of combined experience as a mother, educator, author and psychotherapist, Patti has developed a well-seasoned approach for helping individuals, couples and families break through barriers to personal freedom and authentic growth: An evolution of consciousness for individuals and groups.
In addition to working as a psychotherapist in private practice and hospital settings, Patti's work experience has included developing parent education and support group programs for pediatric practices and women’s centers; teaching undergraduate and graduate level classes in early childhood development at Old Dominion University and Naropa University; and developing, directing and consulting with mentoring programs for Boulder Valley School District and The University of Colorado.
She currently lives in Boulder, Colorado where she owns and operates a psychotherapy practice helping individuals and families break-through barriers to personal freedom and authentic growth.

Patti completed a doctor of philosophy degree in psychology from the Union Institute and University; a master of science degree in education from Old Dominion University; and a bachelor of science degree in special education from James Madison University.

Her doctoral dissertation on the experience of mothers not feeling good enough was the basis for her first book, Living in the Shadow of the Too-Good Mother Archetype. Her second book, Letters to Freedom is a memoir about love, loss and hope. She is currently working on two more books on the topic of shame.

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RE: StarZ Psychics Networks Radio - hernanperez - 09-28-2020

good good