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What is your Go-To Self Care Activity?
Merry Meet, Starz_Priestess_Kandi_Ranson!  My Go-To Self Care Activity is a meditation place I built up one grain of sand at a time.  I was under extreme stress and knew I had to wrap my mind around something that would stop the thoughts from swinging through unbidden.  One day at a very long traffic light I imagined what a single grain of sand would look like under a microscope.  I looked at the color, the facets, the light reflected from it and when the light turned green, I felt a whole lot better.  After I got home and had listened to my voice mails, I again turned to that grain of sand to get the noise subdued.  Eventually, as the pressure mounted at work, I expanded to more grains of sand and eventually built myself an entire meditation place that has served me well.  I can close my eyes for a moment and I'm "there."  I'm so involved in the details I can actually feel my body relax and it has saved me from stress and headaches countless times.  I've even managed to imagine myself putting my bare feet down on those grains of sand to ground myself.  Hope this helps someone else find their own Self Care Activity.  I, too, would love to hear from others what they have devised!  Merry Part, Starz JC

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