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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio
Natalie Introduces you to Shaman Energy Healer Spiritual Leader - Thursday July 5th, 2018 from 8-9 PM EDT

We love to hear from you during our live broadcasts dial (347) 838-9736 & + Press 1 to be connected to the panel OR JUST MUTE TO LISTEN.

Join us during the live show in Live Chat

Javier Garay is a Shaman, Energy Healer and Spiritual Leader who utilizes his gifts at The Inner Sanctuary in Riverside CA. He has the ability to use healing energies to aid in the treatment of Cancer, Tumors, HIV, depression, mental and physical ailments and much more for people in his community and internationally. He travels outside the state and the country for healing ceremonies which he holds three times a week in the Center in Riverside CA. He also works his gifts at "El Sanctuaries Intern" in Baja California, Mexico

Shaman Javier started on his spiritual journey at an early age with very strong visions and Divine messages for the people around him. When the elders realized that he was highly gifted, he began doing healing and energy work with Indian shamans in North America developing his skills to include physical, emotional, and spiritual energy healing on many people, directly or remotely.

He has many gifts, including being a Healer, Channel for Divine Energies, Guardian of Sacred Plants and Spiritual Speaker . He is continually utilizing his gifts that Spirit bestows upon him with his work at El Sanctuaries Intern, this allows the Life Force to Flow through him in to others enabling many to be released of disease, issues or attachments.

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