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Mystic Living Today Magazine
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March 2020
(Click the titles to read)

Beguiled by M. Basques 03/01/20
Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Overcoming Hopelessness in a World of Unrealistic Expectations by Patti Ashley, PhD. LPC 03/01/20
What is Spiritual Experience by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 03/01/20
What Is Yoga by Ranju Roy & David Charlton 03/01/20

Book Reviews
Creating Luminous Spaces Use the Five Elements for Balance and Harmony In Your Home and in Your Life by Maureen K. Calamia 03/01/20
The Book of Rumi 105 Stories that Illumine, Delight, and Inform by Translated by: Maryam Mafi - Forward by Narguess Farzad 03/01/20
Waking Up In 5D A Practical Guide to Multidimensional Transformation by Maureen J. St. Germain 03/01/20
What Does It Feel Like To Die? Inspiring New Insights into the Experiences of Dying by Jennie Dear 03/01/20

Book Excerpts
Chakra Empowerment For Women by Lisa Erickson 03/01/20
Everyday Legacy: Lessons for Living With Purpose, Right Now by Codi Shewan 03/01/20
Shiva Speaks by Rashmi Khilnani 03/01/20
White Bird - Book One - Among the Nez Perce by Blaine Wright 03/01/20

*The pain of my immersive self* by Sanjay Desai 03/01/20
Leftist by Changming Yuan 03/01/20

Archangel Gabriel and Creative Solutions by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel 03/01/20
Some Observations on Enlightenment by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 03/01/20
Want to Be Happy Now? Try a New Strategy – Want What You Have! by Barbara Berger 03/01/20

[Image: hdr.jpg]
April 2020
(Click the title to read)

Everyday Spirituality: Life as Prayer by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 04/01/20
Now Is The Time To Think Positive by Barbara Berger 04/01/20
Archangel Hope by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel 04/01/20
Life Stories by StarzAstroWand - by StarzAstroWand 04/01/20

3 Blocks to Positive Thinking by Rena Greenberg 04/01/20
Fool For Love - Tarot Advice by Your Moon Sign by Mary Cole 04/01/20
Lose Your Ring by M. Basques 04/01/20
Paradigms and Dimensions by Jodi Hershey 04/01/20
Shine On by David Ditchfield 04/01/20
The Mother of Us All: Ancient India's Vedic Civilization Part One: The Homeland by William T. Hathaway 04/01/20
The Silent r-Evolution of a New Earth - A Rare Cosmic Event Linking The Ancient Past To A New Future by Kaliyani Sundari 04/01/20

Book Reviews
Here, There, and Everywhere A Clarification of Reality by Just Plain Bill 04/01/20
The Moon + You Your Guide to Finding Energy, Balance, and Healing With the Power of the Moon by Diane Ahlquist 04/01/20
The Three Supreme Gifts A Practical Approach to Self - Mastery and to Transforming Your Life Here and Now by Lisa Hromada 04/01/20
The Way of Heart & Beauty The Tao of Daily Life by Deng Ming-Dao 04/01/20

Book Excerpts
Simplify - Excerpt 1 by Bob Hilary 04/01/20
Simplify - Excerpt 2 by Bob Hilary 04/01/20
The Joy of Living by Barry Eaton and Anne Morjanoff 04/01/20

"Choice in Covid Times" by Sanjay Desai 04/01/20
Memory by Changming Yuan 04/01/20
Special Features
Pandemic As Opportunity by Ervin Lazlo

[Image: hdr.jpg]
May 2020
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If everything happens for a reason… What could the personal reasons be that would explain why the virus is happening to us? by David Essel 05/01/20

Covid-19, From a Spiritual Perspective. How To Keep From Getting It by Gabriel of Urantia 05/01/20

Hope by M. Basques 05/01/20

Wait and See by Dr. Dravon James 05/01/20

Press Release/Announcements

Love is Greater Than Pain by Marilyn Kapp

Whole-Ass by Maharani

Book Reviews

You Already Know How to Access Your Intuition & Find Your Divine Path by Helen Jacobs 05/01/20

Be the Light that You Are Ten Simple Ways to Transform your World with Love by Debra Landwehr Engle 05/01/20

Finding Inner Peace by Ross Bsihop 05/01/20

The Business Casual Yogi by Vish Chatterji and Yogrishi Vishvketu 05/01/20

Book Excerpts

Shine Brighter Every Day: Nourish Your Body, Feed Your Spirit, Balance Your Life by Danah Mor 05/01/20

This One Is Special by Suzanne Askham 05/01/20

Whole-Ass by Maharani 05/01/20

Spiritual Dreams by Chris Roe 05/01/20


My Deathless Shade or I ? by Sanjay Desai 05/01/20

Nursing by Changming Yuan 05/01/20


A Scientific Prayer to Lift Your Consciousness Today by Barbara Berger 05/01/20

Sufis & The Secret Teaching by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 05/01/20

Empower Divine Wisdom in Your Heart by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel 05/01/20

[Image: hdr.jpg]
June 2020
(Click title to read)

"Consciousness and the Quantum: The Next Paradigm" by Reviewed by William T. Hathaway 06/01/20
Balancing The Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine with Christ Consciousness by Reena Kumarasingham 06/01/20
Fearless Friendships by Katherine Jegede 06/01/20
Happiness Fulfilled by Les Jensen 06/01/20
Now is the Time to Imagine and Dream by Nancy Yearout 06/01/20
The Other Invisible Monster by Patti Ashley, PhD, LPC 06/01/20

Press Release/Announcements
Embodying Soul - A Return To Wholeness by Keri Mangis

Book Reviews
Kahlil Gibran's Little Book of Wisdom by Neil Douglas-Klotz 06/01/20
Seven Steps to Inner Power How to Break Through to Awesome Life Secrets from a Martial Arts Master by Tae Yun Kim, Great Grandmaster 06/01/20
The Astrology Fix A Modern Guide to Cosmic Self Care by Theresa Chung 06/01/20
The Shaman's Mind Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life by Jonathan Hammond 06/01/20

Book Excerpts
Everyday Optimism: How to be Present and Positive at Work, at Home and in Love by Dani DiPirro 06/01/20
Future Visioning Your Working Life: 10 Strategies for Getting Ahead - 1 by Anne Jirsch 06/01/20
Future Visioning Your Working Life: 10 Strategies for Getting Ahead - 2 by Anne Jirsch 06/01/20
Heart-Dreamer: Stepping into Life, Love, Creativity and Dreams-No Matter What by Cheryl Melody Baskin 06/01/20
Small bit of Justice - Tracy Richards Series by Cynthia Carver 06/01/20
This One Is Special by Suzanne Askham 06/01/20
Where Airy Voices Lead by Piotr Bienkowski 06/01/20

Why Are We Here by James K. Papp 06/01/20
Golden Giant by Hongri Yuan - Translated by Yuanbing zhang 06/01/20
Incomplete ‘I’ by Sanjay Desai 06/01/20
Obsession by Changming Yuan 06/01/20

Healthy Self Talk About the Body by Barbara Berger 06/01/20
Inspiration – the Deep Longing of Your Heart by Shanta Gabriel for Archangel Gabriel 06/01/20
Would you like to learn how to write a book, in as little as 30 days? by David Essel 06/01/20
Knowing Right and Wrong by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 06/01/20

[Image: hdr.jpg]
July 2020
(Click title to read)

Prema - Universal Love by Sara Mane 07/01/20
The Shaman's Mind Huna Wisdom to Change Your Life by Jonathan Hammond 07/01/20
The Way of Love by Peta Morton 07/01/20

Book Reviews
Guided Reclaiming the Intuitive Voice of Your Soul by Hans Christian King 07/01/20
I Did It To Myself Again by Joanne DiMaggio 07/01/20
Song of Eliria by Heather Starsong 07/01/20
Spirit Clans Native Wisdom for Personal Power and Guidance by David Carson 07/01/20

Book Excerpts
Divine CEO by Geoff Thompson 07/01/20
The Missing Locket - The Seance Series by Cynthia Carver & Renee Pellegrino 07/01/20
This One Is Special by Suzanne Askham 07/01/20
What Death Can Teach Us About Changing the World by Karen Wyatt MD 07/01/20

Platinum City by Hongri Yuan - Translated by Manu Mangattu 07/01/20
Foe or Friend by Sanjay Desai 07/01/20
Peace by Changming Yuan 07/01/20

America, Freedom & Sufism by Dr. Stewart Bitkoff 07/01/20
Times Are Changing Aren't They? by Barbara Berger 07/01/20
Connect to the Web and Fabric of Consciousness in the New Vibration by Reena Kumarasingham 07/01/20
Dementia by David Essel, M.S.,O.M 07/01/20
Seeding the Infinite Potential - A Message of Life for the New Earth by Shanta Gabriel 07/01/20

My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

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