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Tibet and Nepal Travels
In Nepal, you can look up at the vast snow-capped mountains in short sleeves. Think about it, what a miraculous thing this is.
Backed by the Himalayas, Nepal has 8 peaks above 8,000 meters. From Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,844.43 to the southern plain at an altitude of 100 meters, it has the largest geographical feature with an altitude span. In Nepal, you can admire many world heritages and magnificent snow-capped mountains, ride elephants through the jungle, and have a daze on the banks of Phewa Lake.
The Himalayas have become the natural border between Nepal and China. Including Mount Everest, 8 of the world's top 10 peaks are in Nepal.
Where is Nepal?
Nepal is in the south of China's Tibet Autonomous Region, the south of the Himalayas, and the north of the Republic of India. It faces the Kingdom of Bhutan. It is an inland mountain country.
Best travel time
Nepal has a monsoon climate, with a mild climate throughout the year, divided into dry and rainy seasons. October-May of the following year is the dry season, with a bright climate and high air visibility, which is especially suitable for traveling, gliding and hiking.
May-September is the rainy season, which is not suitable for travel. The best trekking time is October-November and March-April.
Some famous tourist places in Nepal

Nagarkot: The best viewing platform in the Himalayas, the sunrise and wonders dominate the world.
Chitwan National Park: White Rhinoceros
Lumbini: a famous Buddhist holy place with many temples
Boudhanath Stupa: the largest round stupa in the world and one of the world cultural heritage.

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