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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio
Join us 11-14-18 When Natalie Sist Goes Live on the air with Master Business, Relationship, and Success Coach, Counselor, TV/Radio Host, Author of 10 Books, Inspirational Speaker David Essel.

His mission is to inspire others to reach their own exceptional potential in their business and personal life.

On The Web Join us in Live Chat during the live broadcast.

No Computer? No Problem! During the live broadcast Call (347) 838-9736 and mute your phone to listen from anywhere or to connect with the panel and ask questions press 1.

David began his career in the health and fitness industry and quickly was named “Mr. Motivation,” “The #1 Life Coach in the USA” and “The Master of Motivation”. He parlayed this worldwide reputation into the world of athletes and athletics after getting his Master’s Degree in Fitness Management, where his emphasis on sport psychology led him to work as the “Mental Success Counselor” for basketball, baseball, tennis players and more from around the USA.


Visit David's website

Ordained Minister

Radio talk show host.

Motivational segment reporter and host in television.

Taught at Florida Gulf Coast University and Edison State College.

Created one of the most successful holistic addiction recovery programs in the USA.

Created powerful programs to help individuals learn to cope with, then heal these emotional/mental conditions.

Developed programs that help people shatter hopelessness, with answers to issues that have long eluded society.

His 10th book, “FOCUS! : SLAY YOUR GOALS”, was released in February 2018, has already received a major endorsement from celebrity Jenny McCarthy.

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My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Join us Live 11-28-2018 from 8-9PM EST when Natalie Sist Introduces Charlies Davis.
The Live Chat Opens During The Live Show

15 years ago, after years of meditation, yoga and inner work, Charles Davis had a mystical awakening and for the first time in his life, he experienced “The Love”.

This was not an emotional love, but a spiritual love which he can only describe as experiencing the Divine that exists in us all. The heart explodes open, each breath opens you more and the world suddenly exists in Technicolor. Since discovering his “Heart Mind”, Charles has been on a mission to empower others to also find the love that hides inside themselves.

Charles holds workshops in North America and Asia and works with one on one clients, helping them to strip away the baggage we all pick up in our life journey so that we experience what is true in life, that we are all a spark of the Divine. His system is to Transcend, Transmute and Transform.

Charles is currently working on his first book, “The Art of Amazing” due out in early 2019.

He is preparing for various North American workshops and an Asian tour. If you want to really awaken your heart and open up to the light and love that exists inside the core of your being, let Charles be your guide.

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(Season 6 Episode 63)
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Natalie Sist Introduces Reconnective Healing Practitioner T Love

   Broadcast in Spirituality last Wednesday Dec. 05th, 2018 -

Join us Wed. Dec. 5th, 2018 when Natalie Sist goes live on the air to introduce us to Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Author T Love.
  • Noted radio host and author
  • Talents include Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Meditation, Breathwork and Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines
  • Focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives
  • Founder and CEO of Sojihuggles Childrens Foundation
  • Over the course of one year, T witnessed a series of events that impacted her life as she knew it. The shift in trajectory resulted in the establishment of Sojihuggles Children’s Foundation
 “Our most precious natural resource is our CHILDREN, yet, the disparity between our country’s wealth and the condition of its children is unparalleled. Many children do not have food, shelter or clothing. Sojihuggles Children’s Foundation was established to change that. We’re here to give children a fair chance in life. Our mission is to raise funds to provide underprivileged children with the basic necessities of life so they may grow, thrive, experience purpose in life and contribute to society in meaningful ways.”
  • S=Sharing
  • O=Our
  • J=Joy
  • I=Intentionally
  • H=Helping
  • U=Us
  • G=Grow
  • G=Gratitude
  • L=Love
  • E=Empathy
  • S=Selflessness

Visit T Love's Website Site here  &
Her New Book   Santa's Tiniest Elves
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
(01-10-2019, 04:32 AM)Harryleo Wrote: These adverse life events were starting to be reported to Clark county, Nevada, at as early as 2 week old where Samantha was reported to the hospital for a skull fracture, among other injuries. This event lead to, what she perceives as more abuses and neglects after her first adoption was granted to her paternal grandparents, which allowed several other abuses take place, during her time in that home, which was until around the age of 2 years old.

Some of Samantha's professional experiences include working in fields of: Us Navy, Medical Insurance, Dermatology, Cardiology, Oral Surgery, Phlebotomy/ Lab technician, Certified Nurses Assistant, Family Practice, Veterinary Medicine

Her vast professional medical experiences were actually preparing Samantha for a massive life change that she had no clue was going to happen, let alone thinking was even possible.

Join us when we learn more about what led Samantha Elisabeth to find herself in the Life Coaching position she is in now.

This was a great show Harryleo. I am going to go back and listen to it again today. 
Have you created your listener profile on yet? Once you do you can interact with us in live chat during the live broadcasts, so be sure to click the subscribe button on our profile page to get notifications of new shows.

[b]Thanks for listening and your support.[/b]


ORIGINALLY BROADCAST LIVE 1-9-2019 Natalie Sist Introduced Jennifer Lonnberg, Author/Speaker/Psychic Multifaceted Life Coach and Author of "The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic”.

After Jennifer’s struggle with the pain and debilitating anxiety that came from a life of constant negative thinking and self-doubt. Jennifer became a leader in the self-discovery movement. She is passionate about sharing her story of transformation, and how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, and challenges can begin today to create the life they have always dreamed.

Through her workshops, retreats, conferences, and books, she inspires and empowers women to heal by breaking out of the patterns of limiting beliefs, negative thinking and self-doubt by delivering the actual “how to steps” that many speakers leave out!

She empowers her audiences to become their best selves.
Whether it is in their personal lives, relationships, health, or businesses, she provides the road-map on how to peel back the layers and overcome obstacles.

Jennifer Lonnberg:
  • * Christian
  • * Psychic
  • * Author of Several Other Books
  • * Intuitive Life Coach
  • * Energy Healer
  • * Speaker
  • * Certified NLP Practitioner
  • * Herb Specialist
  • * Certified Reiki Master
  • * Yoga Instructor

Visit Jennifer's website here


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My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Join us live 2-27-19 when Natalie Sist and Dr. Stewart Bitkoff go live
to Discuss Myths and Outcomes of Spiritual Learning
From 8-9PM (EST)

About Dr. Stewart Bitkoff:
  • * An avid student of Sufi Mysticism and the perennial philosophy.
  • * Professionally, he specializes in the healing applications of therapeutic recreation, psychiatric rehabilitation and mental health treatment.
  • * Dr. Bitkoff holds a doctorate in education and has served as a faculty member for six colleges and universities.
  • * Continuing contributor to Mystic Living Today Magazine
Author of many books:
  • * The World of Pond Stories
  • * A Commuter's Guide to Enlightenment
  • * The Appleseed Journal
  • * Beyond the River's Gate
  • * The Ferryman's Dream
  • * Light on the Mountain
  • * Sufism for Western Seekers
  • * Journey of Light: Trilogy
Dr. Bitkoff has found that in solving problems, people look for one step solutions. We regularly search for and propose singular approaches to often very complex problems. Now this technique works sometimes, where one adjustment or change results in a useful outcome. We must recognize this is the way our mind works: looking for the most expedient, uncomplicated remedy.

Yet, many problems, particularly social problems can only be ‘fixed’ with multiple and varied approaches that depend upon changing circumstance and require adjustment over a period of years. Yet, people continue to propose one solution and often debate that their way is the correct way to make things happen. Hence, there are arguments, particularly, when the solution requires a ‘political remedy.’ People have opposing agendas and often cannot agree on which approach to use; they fear they will lose and have to give something up.

Visit His Website
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My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

Wednesday 3-6-19 8PM Natalie Sist Talked Live With Marcia Martin renowned as one of the most effective transformational leadership trainers and executive coaches in the world and original pioneer of the Human Potential Movement.

Marcia has been at the center of the personal development field since the early 1970s. She has been a Teacher of Success for over 30 years in the Transformational Training Business. She is renowned internationally for being one of the leading Life & Executive Coaches, and Transformational Trainers in the World today.

She is a sought after corporate trainer and motivational speaker, and was instrumental in helping to build some of the most influential personal development organizations of our time, including est (Erhard Seminars Training, now known as the Landmark Forum), LifeSpring, Tony Robbins Research, Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success Programs, The Hoffman Process, and the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC).

She has personally trained over 350,000 individuals, and thousands of Fortune 1000 Corporate Teams and Executives to be more powerful and competent in transformational leadership, communication, public speaking, and peak performance. Marcia is an acknowledged expert in human potential, paradigm and mindset shifts, and the transformation of organizational cultures.

Learn about her upcoming event: Power of Selling Expand your dynamism, charisma, and sway March 22 – 24


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3-13-2019 Natalie Sist Talked Live With Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D Facilitator to Live Magically
  • * Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience.
  • * In demand internationally as a psychokinesis and manifestation workshop provider.
  • * Senior trainer at The Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC² program.
  • * Developed the home study SyncCreation®: A Course in Manifestation™
  • * Taught over 80 Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops.
  • * His books Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance AND Health and Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook continue to receive rave reviews.
  • * Joe also has produced seven mediation CDs that help with healing and abundance creation.
  • * When his beloved brother Peter committed suicide, Dr. Gallenberger met his grief with courage, and open-minded curiosity. Using tools learned at The Monroe Institute (TMI), and affirming that “love can pierce any veil,” he was soon able to contact Peter on the “other side.” Joe's experience on how to move through devastating loss in a transformational way, and what he learned about the other side, were shared in Joe's acclaimed 1996 book, Brothers Forever: An Unexpected Journey Beyond Death.
  • * His MOST RECENT BOOK, Heaven is for Healing: A Soul's Journey After Suicide , a cogent, compassionate, and complete antidote to the belief that suicides (or anyone) is punished for eternity, envelops and expands upon this, taking up the story twenty years later.
  • * With Manifest Your Dreams & Live a Life of Abundance, Dr. Gallenberger invites you to embark on an incredible journey of manifestation, healing and mind over matter. You are encouraged to take advantage decades of experience by using SyncCreation® to help you Live Magically!

Visit Joe's Website Here


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My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Join Us Live 3/20/2019 when Natalie Sist Natalie Talks Live With Hillary Raimo Author, Teacher, Explorer and Mystic 8-9PM (EDT)  Earth Advocate <> Starseed Germinator <> Catalyst for Love

Join us In Live Chat Here

Author, teacher, explorer and mystic, Hillary Raimo has studied the mystical, psychological, spiritual aspects of life since childhood. Guided at a young age by her grandfather, Les Holloway, she has spent her life pursuing the ancient mysteries, traveling and leading tours to sacred sites around the world, studying the energy body, hands on healing, Reiki, energy medicine, shamanism and now dedicates her life to writing, being inspired by the muses, healing and understanding that everything is indeed connected.

Hillary shares her unique perspective on the inner connections of sacred aspects of self in her work with students and clients in 1 on 1 or group settings + corporate staff and wellness trainings. Bridging consciousness W/ business in a unique and inspiring way.

As a painter and photographer, Hillary never sees the world the same way twice. Her work has been shown in Albany Center Gallery, Spring Street Gallery Saratoga Springs, Yaddo exhibit ‘Taking Flight’ curated by Tristan Kirvin and is regularly featured in the traveling exhibits of the Schenectady Photographic Society. Recently, Hillary’s work earned an honorable mention award at the 2018 FENCE. She credits her art residency at Atelier de la Rose in Montcabrier France for opening her artistic eye and changing how she seeks power & beauty in her images. A multi medium artist, Hillary hopes to instill a purpose to her images, whether they be paintings or photographs.

Hillary is also the host of The Hillary Raimo Show, Matters for Mind Body & Spirit Talk Radio.


Life According to An Unknown: Today's World Seen Through the Eyes of a Woman

Money Matters for Mind, Body, & Spirit: Understanding Your Relationship with Abundance

The Hillary Raimo Show Transcripts
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

Natalie Talked Live With Prema Lee Gurreri Spiritual Teacher and Vedic Astrologer
Originally broadcast 3-27-2019 When Natalie Sist Talked Live With Prema Lee Gurreri Spiritual Teacher and Vedic Astrologer 8PM (EDT)
A spiritual teacher and Vedic Astrologer set out to uncover her unique path in business. What she discovered was a universal formula for creating true wealth and success! What if creating a wealthy life could be as simple as being who you are, and doing what you love?
Prema Lee Gurreri is committed to creating a world where everyone is empowered to live on purpose, in a way that is aligned with their high-value gifts and their birthright of true prosperity.

Prema is a leading Vedic Astrologer, Soul Advisor, business consultant, and energy practitioner, with more than twenty-five years of experience, the #1 best-selling, award-winning author of Your Sacred Wealth Code: Unlock Your Soul Blueprint for Purpose & Prosperity (Heart Drop Press, 2017), and the creator of the Your Sacred Wealth Code Oracle Cards, and the Your Sacred Wealth Code Journal.
She empowers leaders, entrepreneurs, visionaries, and change agents to take inspired action and unlock their Sacred Wealth Code®. Using her intuitive approach to business-building and her patented Soulutionary® technology, Prema’s clients manifest wealth and create meaningful lives by doing what they are meant to do.


Natalie Talked Live To Author Coach Therapist Barbara Berger

Originally Broadcast on 4-10-219 Live when Natalie Sist talked live on StarZ Psychics Network Radio at 1 PM (EST) with Author, Coach & Therapist Barbara Berger.
American-born Barbara Berger lives in Copenhagen, Denmark and works as coach and therapist, helping people around the globe come into alignment with their own true power.

Barbara has been a seeker and a guide for other seekers all her life. All Barbara’s books are based on her life work which has always been to try to find a way out of suffering. Her quest to ease suffering has led Barbara to explore many different pathways and approaches – mental, physical, metaphysical, psychological and spiritual. After leaving the US in the mid-60s in protest against the Vietnam War and settling in Scandinavia, Barbara continued her quest in the 1970s with a passionate interest in the role of food in our mental and physical well-being. When she discovered in the early 1980s that health foods and diet were not enough to ensure true well-being, she began to study the science of the mind, the nature of consciousness, metaphysics, and finally traditional spirituality and psychology.

Best selling author of :
  • “The Road to Power – Fast Food for the Soul” - published in 30 languages and has sold almost 1,000,000 copies worldwide to date. This popular book has now been released in the US and is available on and other online sites.
  • “Are You Happy Now? 10 Ways to Live a Happy Life” - published in 21 languages
  • “The Awakening Human Being – A Guide to the Power of Mind”
  • Follow Your Inner Compass – Instant Guidance in an Age of Information Overload”
  • For more about Barbara see her Web site:
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Natalie Talks Live With Rev. Marcella Jones And Anthony Jerome 5-15-2019
Join us 5-15-2019 When Natalie Sist Talks Live With Rev. Marcella Jones And Anthony Jerome about their journey to finding An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation Technique.


Call to Speak Live with the panel (347) 838-9736

Rev. Marcella Jones, and her son, Anthony (Jerome) are healers that have helped clients internationally clear pain, stress and grow personally and spiritually. Anthony Jerome has given the name to what they do as, "An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation Technique". It is a healing practice that is a combination of energy healing, intuitive reading and meditations that leads one through an inner process of transformation from pain to no pain and from stress and contractions to relaxation and expansion.

Rev. Marcella Jones was ordained 2004 at the 1st Spiritualist Church in San Diego and headed the Spiritual healing, teaching healing and spiritual law classes. She has trained extensively in the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Reiki and Theta Healing. Prior to that she was a nurse, counselor and an elementary school teacher.

Anthony Jerome began leading meditation, doing energy healing, intuitive readings and clinical hypnotherapy 26 years ago while still in college as a scholarship athlete in track and field. Like his Mom Rev. Marcella, he was also in education. For several years he was a physical education instructor and worked in the race and human relations program in the San Diego Unified School District. Today Anthony Jerome does his healing work through his business Effulgence Mind Body Fitness and Wellness that includes yoga and fitness training.

Rev. Marcella Jones and her son Anthony Jerome present their healing practice "An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation" at workshops and retreats. They present regularly at the Energetic Healers Network Gathering that they host, as well as, the local Holistic Living exposes. Along with their regular clients they see by distant healing by phone and in person, they are on Facebook live every Friday 2pm offering free healing, mini readings and meditation.
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.
Our Next Interactive Show Goes Live 8PM EST Wed. 6-19-19 Natalie Sist & co host Al Diaz
Talk Live With Chris Traub of the SES Group on StarZ Psychics Network Radio.


CALL IN TO SPEAK TO PANEL 347-838-9736 (Press 1)

Our guest, Chris Traub, Chairman and Co-Founder of the SES Group. Based in Taipei and Shanghai, Chris travels regularly throughout the SES Group's offices and worldwide.

Born in the US and educated in the US, the Philippines, and Taiwan, Chris has lived in Greater China continuously since 1986. He graduated from Oberlin College with a Bachelor's degree in East Asian Studies & Cultural Anthropology. He is fully bi-cultural and bi-lingual in English and Mandarin. He is a published author, as well as a keen adventure athlete, an accomplished musician, yoga instructor, mediator, and transformation facilitator. .

Over the past 30 plus years, Chris has led and supported hundreds of senior level search engagements, across a broad range of industries. He is particularly well known in Asia for his search work in technology and private equity, and participates in many leading global CEO forums annually, including TED, Forbes Global CEO, and the World Economic Forum where SES is a Global Growth Company member. Chris leads the TMT (Technology, Media, and Telecommunications), and Private Equity Practice Groups.

Chris began his executive search career in 1988 when he established the first retained executive search firm in Taipei, that later joined Ward Howell International, a leading global executive search firm in 1992. In 1998, Chris and two partners established the Strategic Executive Search (SES) Group.
He is deeply involved in "Vortex," a personal development program. It was born out of Chris's participation in a 3 month outdoor leadership wilderness training expedition in Alaska Chris realized that the key learning's around this intense experience were connected to each team member’s personal mindset, relationships, and ability to fully release into play He also experienced the deep joy of being fully present and in a state of flow in nature.

Over the following 33 years, as one of Asia’s pioneering C-Suite executive recruiters, Chris became an active member of many of the world’s most recognized global leadership communities; and he built a strong network of trusted relationships with highly accomplished leaders and innovators in these communities and beyond. As his business flourished and he traveled more, he found it increasingly difficult to recapture that state of flow and joy that he’d experienced in Alaska - and he realized that others experiencing similar success were facing the same challenges. So he decided to recapture that state of flow in Alaska by creating Vortex.

In mid - 2016, Chris and his partners created the concept for Vortex, drawn from both Eastern and Western philosophical and management principles. The Vortex leadership team, comprised of professional transformation facilitators, advisors and educators, with combined nearly 250 years of aggregate experience and insight, have pooled their best insights, practices, and inspirations, to create the Vortex Ignite and Vortex 360programs.

Visit Chris' Website:

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My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

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