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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio

Wednesday 3-6-19 8PM Natalie Sist Talked Live With Marcia Martin renowned as one of the most effective transformational leadership trainers and executive coaches in the world and original pioneer of the Human Potential Movement.

Marcia has been at the center of the personal development field since the early 1970s. She has been a Teacher of Success for over 30 years in the Transformational Training Business. She is renowned internationally for being one of the leading Life & Executive Coaches, and Transformational Trainers in the World today.

She is a sought after corporate trainer and motivational speaker, and was instrumental in helping to build some of the most influential personal development organizations of our time, including est (Erhard Seminars Training, now known as the Landmark Forum), LifeSpring, Tony Robbins Research, Jack Canfield’s Breakthrough to Success Programs, The Hoffman Process, and the Transformational Leadership Council (TLC).

She has personally trained over 350,000 individuals, and thousands of Fortune 1000 Corporate Teams and Executives to be more powerful and competent in transformational leadership, communication, public speaking, and peak performance. Marcia is an acknowledged expert in human potential, paradigm and mindset shifts, and the transformation of organizational cultures.

Learn about her upcoming event: Power of Selling Expand your dynamism, charisma, and sway March 22 – 24


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3-13-2019 Natalie Sist Talked Live With Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D Facilitator to Live Magically
  • * Dr. Joe Gallenberger, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience.
  • * In demand internationally as a psychokinesis and manifestation workshop provider.
  • * Senior trainer at The Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC² program.
  • * Developed the home study SyncCreation®: A Course in Manifestation™
  • * Taught over 80 Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops.
  • * His books Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance AND Health and Liquid Luck: The Good Fortune Handbook continue to receive rave reviews.
  • * Joe also has produced seven mediation CDs that help with healing and abundance creation.
  • * When his beloved brother Peter committed suicide, Dr. Gallenberger met his grief with courage, and open-minded curiosity. Using tools learned at The Monroe Institute (TMI), and affirming that “love can pierce any veil,” he was soon able to contact Peter on the “other side.” Joe's experience on how to move through devastating loss in a transformational way, and what he learned about the other side, were shared in Joe's acclaimed 1996 book, Brothers Forever: An Unexpected Journey Beyond Death.
  • * His MOST RECENT BOOK, Heaven is for Healing: A Soul's Journey After Suicide , a cogent, compassionate, and complete antidote to the belief that suicides (or anyone) is punished for eternity, envelops and expands upon this, taking up the story twenty years later.
  • * With Manifest Your Dreams & Live a Life of Abundance, Dr. Gallenberger invites you to embark on an incredible journey of manifestation, healing and mind over matter. You are encouraged to take advantage decades of experience by using SyncCreation® to help you Live Magically!

Visit Joe's Website Here


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