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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio
Natalie Talks Live With Rev. Marcella Jones And Anthony Jerome 5-15-2019
Join us 5-15-2019 When Natalie Sist Talks Live With Rev. Marcella Jones And Anthony Jerome about their journey to finding An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation Technique.


Call to Speak Live with the panel (347) 838-9736

Rev. Marcella Jones, and her son, Anthony (Jerome) are healers that have helped clients internationally clear pain, stress and grow personally and spiritually. Anthony Jerome has given the name to what they do as, "An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation Technique". It is a healing practice that is a combination of energy healing, intuitive reading and meditations that leads one through an inner process of transformation from pain to no pain and from stress and contractions to relaxation and expansion.

Rev. Marcella Jones was ordained 2004 at the 1st Spiritualist Church in San Diego and headed the Spiritual healing, teaching healing and spiritual law classes. She has trained extensively in the Yuen Method of Chinese Energetic Medicine, Reiki and Theta Healing. Prior to that she was a nurse, counselor and an elementary school teacher.

Anthony Jerome began leading meditation, doing energy healing, intuitive readings and clinical hypnotherapy 26 years ago while still in college as a scholarship athlete in track and field. Like his Mom Rev. Marcella, he was also in education. For several years he was a physical education instructor and worked in the race and human relations program in the San Diego Unified School District. Today Anthony Jerome does his healing work through his business Effulgence Mind Body Fitness and Wellness that includes yoga and fitness training.

Rev. Marcella Jones and her son Anthony Jerome present their healing practice "An Enlightened Way of Being Energetics and Meditation" at workshops and retreats. They present regularly at the Energetic Healers Network Gathering that they host, as well as, the local Holistic Living exposes. Along with their regular clients they see by distant healing by phone and in person, they are on Facebook live every Friday 2pm offering free healing, mini readings and meditation.
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

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