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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio
[Image: 70764841_2326517307396339_70406708639133...e=5E37213A]

Join our interactive live broadcast on StarZ Psychics Network Radio Oct. 9, 2019 at 8PM

Natalie Sist Talks Live W/ Self-Transformational Author Lisa Hromada


Call in to speak with the panel 347-838-9736 or mute your phone to just listen.

Lisa Hromada is a Self-Transformational Author, Speaker, and Self-Mastery Enthusiast.

She has been on a spiritual quest to understand life since as long as she can remember. Lisa grew up knowing something extraordinary was at work in her home and in her life. She would often feel the presence of and see the nonphysical in her homes — from loving spirits to loved ones who have passed. On multiple occasions in dreams, she was graced with the light of pure love and also received messages of love and guidance.

When Lisa was just over a year old her father began receiving messages from the spirit world while her mother took dictation of what was said in each nightly session. As a child, she was excited to learn what was revealed in these sessions and knew one day she would share them with the world. She first wrote Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World and shortly after, The Three Supreme Gifts: A Practical Approach to Self-Mastery and to Transforming Your Life Here and Now.

As an author and speaker, Lisa shares messages of love, soul and the human experience and engages audiences with personal stories of connections with the spirit world and explores the core teachings outlined in sessions with Spirit. She strives to bring a practical, balanced approach to understanding and implementing these profound spiritual teachings.


Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World, From the very first page of this fascinating book, readers are guided through profound teachings from "Wise Ones" who speak about the love of God and all that Soul is forged with upon coming into human form.

The Three Supreme Gifts: A book of beauty and simple wisdom, The Three Supreme Gifts provides a clear path and an in depth understanding of three supreme truths introduced in its companion book, Love is the Seed: Teachings from the Spirit World.
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