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After her son Trey, a young man with Down syndrome, was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer's, this awesome woman wrote a short story to explain to him and his friends what this diagnosis meant, what to expect, and what it meant to them.

Sherri founded Henderson Haven, Inc. with her husband, Lee, after families began seeking her advice on providing their children with the same opportunities Trey has had in his life. Always believing that any individual has the capacity to live on their terms regardless of their perceived abilities, she has always fought both personally and professionally to help ensure those rights for all.

She is sought after by professionals and has been commended by the Alzheimer's Association.  The book has since been endorsed by local and national experts in the field, including the head of the National Down Syndrome Society, not only for developmentally delayed Alzheimer’s patients but for young relatives of other victims, as well as caregivers and adult family members.

We'll learn:
  • Who encouraged Sherri to make the book public and why
  • How she came to work with illustrator Ani Barmashi
  • How Sherri and her family learned to embrace this new life and what coping and self care techniques are used on a daily basis
  • What it was like for Sherri to write it for Trey and all the rest of us
  • Where we can find Henderson Haven, Inc
Visit Henderson Haven's website
Sherri's Book "Picture Memories - Understanding Dementia" is available on the website. Please note:
Each book is minimum of a $20.00 donation, but any additional help to cover the costs of Henderson Haven's programs would be greatly appreciated.
Quote:If you are needing multiple copies for a group or organization, please contact Henderson Haven, Inc. directly. 

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