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StarZ Psychics Networks Radio
Natalie Sist Introduces Reconnective Healing Practitioner T Love

   Broadcast in Spirituality last Wednesday Dec. 05th, 2018 -

Join us Wed. Dec. 5th, 2018 when Natalie Sist goes live on the air to introduce us to Reconnective Healing Practitioner and Author T Love.
  • Noted radio host and author
  • Talents include Reconnective Healing Practitioner, Certified Vibrational Sound Therapist, Positive Psychology and Energy Psychology Practitioner, Meditation, Breathwork and Labyrinth Facilitator, Certified Yoga Teacher, a contributing editor for various spiritual and holistic health magazines
  • Focuses on how energy effects every aspect of our lives
  • Founder and CEO of Sojihuggles Childrens Foundation
  • Over the course of one year, T witnessed a series of events that impacted her life as she knew it. The shift in trajectory resulted in the establishment of Sojihuggles Children’s Foundation
 “Our most precious natural resource is our CHILDREN, yet, the disparity between our country’s wealth and the condition of its children is unparalleled. Many children do not have food, shelter or clothing. Sojihuggles Children’s Foundation was established to change that. We’re here to give children a fair chance in life. Our mission is to raise funds to provide underprivileged children with the basic necessities of life so they may grow, thrive, experience purpose in life and contribute to society in meaningful ways.”
  • S=Sharing
  • O=Our
  • J=Joy
  • I=Intentionally
  • H=Helping
  • U=Us
  • G=Grow
  • G=Gratitude
  • L=Love
  • E=Empathy
  • S=Selflessness

Visit T Love's Website Site here  &
Her New Book   Santa's Tiniest Elves
My goal is to Enlighten minds, Open hearts & Create World Peace.

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